Asylet is located in Grønland - one of the most exciting and lively districts in Oslo. Our house was built as a merchant's house in about 1730, and has a rich history.

The building was a shelter for 900 children, known as “Asylet in Grønland, between 1840 and 1865. The famous Norwegian writer Anthon B. Nilsen (the pseudonym - Elias Kræmmer), who lived and worked here for some period of his live, described the building and its inhabitants in his novel “Asylet”. Later from 1868 the house was reorganized into a hospital, and in 1903 the first nursing school in Norway, founded by the honorable Katinka Gullberg, opened its doors.

At different times, the building also functioned as a court and a bank. Since 1967 it’s been under protection of city’s authorities, and to this day - the tourist attraction of Oslo.

We have run Cafe Asylet since October 1993, and have not changed style much since then. Our team is proud of our house, where we keep the traditions alive. We offer authentic Norwegian cuisine, with a focus on meat, fish, and homemade desserts. Our cooks use locally sourced ingredients from the finest producers of Norway. We are thrilled to be a part of this incredible historical place and look forward to seeing you here!