Served from 3pm

Green salad with chicken, feta, olives and aioli
(Allergens: wheat, egg, milk)
kr 219

Burger of beef with cheese and bacon
(Allergens: wheat, egg, milk, mustard, sulphite
kr 229,-

Burger of pork with kale/mustard-dressing and potatoes
(Allergens: wheat, egg, milk, mustard, sulphite)
kr 219,-

Vegetarian burger with aioli and potatoes
(Allergens: wheat, egg, milk, walnut)
kr 229,-

Burger of lamb with chipotle dressing and potatoes
(Allergens: wheat, egg, milk, sulphite)
kr 219,-

Vegetable stew with mashed potatoes
(Allergens: milk)
kr 199,-

Homemade meat cakes with brown sauce, stewed peas and potatoes
(Allergens: wheat, milk, peas)
kr 229,-

Tapas-plate with sausage, feta, olives and potatoes
(Allergens: milk, mustard, sulphite)
kr 209,-

Filet of trout with white sauce, kale and potatoes
(Allergens: wheat, milk, fish)
kr 299,-

(Allergens: wheat, fish)
kr 289,-

Herring (4 different types of herring),

served with boiled egg, red onion and bread
(Allergens: wheat, rye, egg, milk, mustard, fish, nuts)
kr 239,-

Veal with baked rootvegetables and mashed potatoes
(Allergens: milk)
kr 329,-